The following committees are actively working on behalf of our community. The Mount Vernon-Belvedere Association (MVBA) has many committed volunteers but we need many more. And we invite you to join a committee…it is a great way to get involved in the neighborhood. If you are interested in contributing your energy and talents, please contact any Committee Chair or Officer listed below.

To contact members by phone, call the MVBA's main number at (410) 528-1919.


Architectural Review Committee
Chair:  Steve Shen

The mission of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is three-pronged:

  1. To assist property owners by reviewing their plans for exterior improvements, in order to ensure that the proposed improvements comply with historical preservation guidelines and regulations.
  2. To make recommendations to the Association's Board of Directors and to Baltimore City's Commission on Historical Preservation as to whether planned exterior improvements to a property comply with historical preservation guidelines and regulations.
  3. To monitor construction and renovation activity in the neighborhood and to report any violations of historical preservation guidelines to the Association and appropriate City authorities.

For more details on guidelines and procedures, Click Here

Meeting time & place: The last Tuesday of every month (except December) at 1228 N. Calvert Street. Meetings start at 7:00 PM.

Email: to schedule an appointment.

Clean and Beautiful Committee

Chair:  Michele Richter


This newly formed committee is the combination of the previous Property Stewardship and Sanitation committees.

The Committee oversees the following efforts:

  1. To organize a sustained effort to work with City agencies on a regular basis to reduce the number of vacant and abandoned buildings in our neighborhood.
  2. To undertake, in conjunction with the Midtown Community Benefits District and other parties, a plan for improving the quality of housing in our neighborhood in order to increase property values and to correct the imbalance between supply and demand.
  3. To conduct a sustained effort to educate residents on the importance of putting trash out only on scheduled collection days, and on improving neighborhood appearance.

Mount Vernon's trash pick-up days are on Tuesday and Friday in the morning. Please put recycling out Tuesdays between 7am and 10am and put out household trash on Fridays between 7am and 10am. For more information on sanitation rules, recycling and bulk trash pick-up, Click Here

Need more information on sanitation related issues? Visit Baltimore's City Service website at Click Here or contact the city's One Call Center by dialing 311.


The Committee also works to ensure that properties in Mount Vernon are maintained in good condition, repaired with the appropriate permits, and restored within the guidelines of the city's preservation commission. This work contributes to a higher quality of life for our residents and a more attractive destination for our visitors.

Residents are encouraged to use Baltimore city's 311 system to report building code violations. However, if you have a particular complaint regarding the condition of a structure or of work being performed on the exterior of a building without a “Notice to Proceed” posted on the structure, please contact the committee at

Community Service

Chair:  Matthew Muir



Development/Zoning Committee

Chair:  Lance Decker


The mission of the Development/Zoning Committee is to promote, support and monitor real estate and business development in Mount Vernon. Recent studies indicate a capacity for a 20% increase in population density through the development of our vacant parcels alone. This, combined with the state's anticipated population surge, and our proximity to mass transit options serving Washington DC and Fort Meade, along with our many urban amenities, make our neighborhood a prime development location.

Specific activities of this committee involve reviewing all zoning variance applications and making recommendations to the Board of Municipal Zoning Appeals (BMZA).   The committee is also involved in reviewing the city's new Comprehensive Master Plan and the development of an ancillary Neighborhood Plan.   The committee provides a representative from Mount Vernon for the new mixed-use State Center development project which plans to build up to 3,000 new residential units, plus office and retail space on the western edge of the neighborhood. A representative is assigned to assist with the study of adding a trolley to the Charles Street corridor, and another is assigned to the Midtown Development Corporation

If you are contemplating new development or re-development of a particular piece of property, please contact the committee chair at the email below for important information.

Dog Park Committee

Co-Chairs:  Samantha Braun, Geoffrey Hart


The mission of the Dog Park Committee is three-pronged:

  1. To work with the City to identify potential locations for future dog parks in the greater Mount Vernon area.
  2. To work with the City to raise funds for building new dog parks once locations have been identified.
  3. To help organize residents in maintaining dog parks once they are built.
Liquor Review Committee

Chair: Eric Evans


The mission of the Liquor Review Committee is to monitor applications and transfers of licenses, and to investigate complaints of existing licensed establishments.

The committee will also help individuals with complaints regarding existing licensed operations. If you have applied for a liquor license or are contemplating a change to an existing one, especially if either process requires a public hearing, please the committee chair at the email below.

Membership Committee
Chair: Julie Canard


The mission of the Membership Committee is to actively recruit and register residents and businesses as members.

If you would like to join the MVBA or renew your membership, please click here.

Parking Area 28 - Residential Parking Permit Coordinator
Steve Johnson


The Parking & Traffic Committee addresses the issues of residential parking enforcement, RPP renewal (parking permits), heavy traffic on certain streets, and additional parking areas.

Mount Vernon participates in Baltimore City's Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program. The majority of Mount Vernon is designated as Area 28. If you would like to apply for a permit, please contact the Baltimore City Parking Authority at (443) 573-2800 for more information.

The Association conducts an annual renewal program beginning in August of each year with permit pickups in September. Permits expire September 30 of each year. Click here for more information about Baltimore's Residential Parking Permit Program. 

Questions regarding the Area 28 Residential Parking Permit program in Mount Vernon?  Email:


Public Safety Committee

Chair:  Jason Curtis


The mission of the Safety Committee is to improve the safety environment of our neighborhood, to represent the safety concerns and interests of our residents, and to collaborate with the Police Department to monitor and ameliorate safety issues.

If you have any safety related questions, please contact the committee chair at the email above.


Trees & Greening
Chair:  MJ Dame

"The Trees & Greening Committee oversees volunteer tree plantings and greening activities in the neighborhood.  This committee organizes numerous tree planting and tree maintenance events each year and also helps neighbors who want to adopt existing green spaces and create new green spaces.  Please contact the Trees & Greening Committee chair at the email below if you would like to volunteer for a planting or have an idea for a space you would like to green."


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