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In a city of firsts, Mount Vernon continues to lead the way in the arts, architecture, cultural events, and quality of life. It is no wonder why the titans of the 19th & 20th centuries called Mount Vernon home.

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Full of history that helped shape America, Mount Vernon is one of the most influential neighborhoods of the 19th and 20th centuries. Just look around. The buildings, institutions, museums, and cultural amenities prove why Mount Vernon is the center of culture in Baltimore. Through CHAP, MVBA works hard to keep the historic fabric of the neighborhood intact while ensuring a long lasting future for generations yet to come.


As Mount Vernon continues to grow, MVBA works hard to keep pace with demands of modern conveniences while maintaining a delicate blend of preservation of historic architecture and proactively looking forward at the larger needs and desires of the neighborhood for the next 100 years.


MVBA plays an active roll in maintaining the many services that residents and businesses of Mount Vernon rely upon. Volunteer committees maintain our neighborhood children's park and dog park, lead greening and safety initiatives, creates festivals and special events, grow the general membership, and build a stronger business community. Wish to get involved and to become an active part in making Mount Vernon the best version of itself? Let us know.


Whether visiting for a day or living here for 20 years, Mount Vernon is one of the most livable neighborhoods in Baltimore City. MVBA is proud to partner with the many institutions, churches, businesses, residents, and neighboring communities to help make Mount Vernon one of the most beautiful, walkable, safest, cleanest, and exciting areas to experience and savor in all of Baltimore.

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